Local kid from brandon Jonathan has been a licence barber since 2008. Growing up he knew he always had a passion for art, style and personal grooming. It wasn't until he was 15 he was given his first pair of clippers and an opportunity to take his art to a new canvas. What started as a past time soon became a source of income and an excuse not to get a summer job. From family, to close friends, exceeding all the way to random classmates he started to realize he might be on to something. Only a week out of high school he was enrolled in cosmetology school and on his way. He has now been with the 6ixthelement team the entire 8 years of his career. The only thing that surpasses his skill as a barber is his love to communicate and connect with everyone that sits in his chair. Participating in community functions, charity events and national hair shows he continuously strives to grow as a barber and member of the 6ixthelement team. In 2014 he took his career a step further starting his clothing line Kwäfer mixing his love of hair and fashion. You can always find Jon at the shop cutting hair, telling jokes and enjoying his craft.

I am more than just a barber I am a hair artist.I moved to Florida from New Jersey.
I come from a family of stylist as well as Barbers, I have always been in some way in this industry. My history goes deeper than just me. My grandfather owned 2 Paul Mitchell Salon's and my mom was his very first stylist. I first picked up a clipper and starting working on this trade when I was 15, I would cut my friends and family members. When i would get haircuts I knew it could always be improved so I started doing my own and at that moment I never looked at hair the same.
My philosophy is has always been good haircut doesn't have flaws or mistakes, it has to be perfected. I take pride in the what I do and I put my name on every haircut that I do and make sure clients are satisfied every time with their service.
I strive to be the best Husband, Father, and truly inspiring Successful Hair Artist/barber.

Carlos the barber

​Adrian Lima

I remember being a little kid sweeping hair for $2 in the barbershop when i was 6yrs old.  I am now 24yrs old ,  and a professional Master barber for almost 4 years. I moved to Brandon  FL  5 years ago from Miami to chase my child hood dream as a barber. Watching my uncle Cut hair all my life I grew  a strong passion for the art of Barbering.  In a short 4 years I have done things in this industry that i never imagined possible.  I now go to hair shows,  Barber battles,  Educational seminars , and started educating others on how to become a better barber and business man. I  have placed in multiple  Barber battles  in different states in the U.S. and have over   10 trophies. My job is to provide you with the best  best quality service  and experience ever . I take my job serious and I love  being a barber.

  He has always been one to reach out and inspire people. He practices barbering with you in mind. His influential approach towards the barbering industry gives his fellow barbers and his clients the encouragement they need for their everyday lifestyle, even if they are well on their path. Where do barbers like this come from? He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1988 and raised there until boyhood. His father landed a job in the glass industry and Brian along with his family relocated   to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wait! Didn't  the Fresh Prince leave Philly for a better life? What you'll learn about Brian is that he's an odds maker. Faith is the foundation in his business and personal decisions, even to the point that he chose to start a new with his two sons in Florida in 2015. Now established and settled in he's here to take massive action in barbering by servicing with quality haircuts and styles as well as excellent customer service! Appointment bookings for Brian are scheduled online at realbrianthebarber.genbook.com

​Brian the barber

​911 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511

Many of us search for our purpose & identity in this world. Adamaz King found his at the age of 14 with a pair of clippers. Born and raised in Tampa Fl. He quickly began to polish his skills and see all the positive affects it took on his clients and the sense of joy it brought to him. He knew then he'd make a profession out of this art to later evolve into a top master barber. Grateful at all the success it has given him from building organic friendships with all his amazing clients to traveling around the nation,  building his foundation for his future family and a legacy to leave behind for them. It's clear barbering has change his life. He has 18 years of experience and has been serving his community for 12 years now.

​Jonathan B.

  My main goal in life is to provide a comfortable and stress free life for my wife and kids . I picked up a pair of clippers at the age of 15 for some gas money . I used to watch my dad cut all of my friends and his friends in my house and realized it was a fun and easy hustle . They say that when you love what you do you never have to work again... I live that life . Getting out of bed to come to work has never been a burden on me . It all started for gas money now I own a house and truck and live better than I assumed a pair of clippers could take you . I go by the profession 'barber' but from what I provide in my chair most can say I am a good listener , counselor , friend , I encourage , im dependable , reliable and most of all most could say I'm professional in all ways .I'm originally from Orlando Florida but have been in Tampa most of my life now .

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Born in 81' in the City of wind, the Hard knock streets of Chicago was a tough place to grow up in. Picked up my 1st pair of clippers at the age of 15. Influenced by Hip Hop music, graffiti & style I automatically found a passion for cutting hair. Moved to the Sunshine State to live a better life in 07' and I haven't left since. Survived a battle with Cancer in 2013. I'm happily married with 4 beautiful daughters & a son. They are my motivation to be better at what I do everyday. Life is too precious to not live my dream, I love what I do. My passion for this game will never fade away. Like my mans Naz said in his song, "I know I can, Be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it, I'll be where I wanna B" .

Adamaz King

Jesse Lima

Chris Mayer

​Nino the barber